The Left Estate is a ramshackle collection of musings from a dynamic duo of foreign-born leftie Aucklanders. We think the Fourth Estate here in Aotearoa is pretty shit, so we’ve got you covered with all the politics, news, politics, sport, politics and useless trivia you’ll ever need.

Kieran is a chemistry and political theory student at the University of Auckland. An Aussie by birth and a Rotorua kid by nature, he likes to post about NZ and Australian politics, sport of any description, the philosophical oddities of modern life, and amazing stuff that science does from time to time. Can be found pounding the mean pavements of Mt. Roskill or searching for an ever-elusive affordable haircut.

Will is an import from the UK via Wellington and calls Morningside home. He’s working his long and eventual way towards Politics and Law degrees from the University of Auckland and likes to post about anything to do with the parties, politicians and systems of New Zealand, as well as UK and US politics, and anything artsy (music, films, and anything produced on a stage).

We welcome contributions and guest posts, and we’re more than likely to let you reproduce our content: just let us know first!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @theleftestate

Disclaimer: Though we are both active members of the New Zealand Labour Party, all views on this site are strictly our own and are not associated with any other person, place, or organisation.

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