Soul Searching

It is a crushing time for the Left. The campaign work carried out over the last few months, and the overall preparation over the last few years will feel pointless to many. What will make this one different is the general mood surrounding this election. In 2011, there was a feeling that we had been beaten before we had begun. Not this time. We felt as if this election was ours, but we fell short.

Whether that happened a long time ago, or at the last hurdle is something that will need to be examined.

However, we need to think very carefully about the way that the results of this election are dissected in the Left. Already, ‘analysis’ of the election has begun, and what it seems to comprise of is mainly finger pointing. David Cunliffe at Kim Dotcom, the Green Party at Labour, Kim Dotcom at Kim Dotcom, etc etc. The same is happening in party rank and file. We can’t turn on each other. One of the reasons that this election has been lost is because of a complete lack of unity and co-operation from the parties of the Left.

We’re all together in defeat. Both Labour and the Greens have lost 2% of their vote from last time. Mana has not been returned to government and the Internet Party is not represented. This has been a collective failure and it should be addressed collectively. No finger pointing, but conversation to give us the co-operative platform that we should have been building from November 2011.

There will be many theories coming out all over the internet, identifying the weak points of the campaigns. I’m sure that there will be many appearing on this blog as well. Just remember that this is not about Labour, or Green or Internet Mana but about the parties of the Left presenting a united front and a credible alternative government. That is the best way to begin the long process of rebuilding for 2017.


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