Key Cracks

This morning, John Key gave what must be the worst interview in his six years as Prime Minister. You can listen to it here.

In this interview, Guyon Espiner backed the Prime Minister into a corner about allegations leveled at him, his staff and his senior ministers in Nicky Hager’s new book ‘Dirty Politics’. The National Party PR machine has been desperately trying to preserve the John Key Brand over the last few days, but the interview this morning proves that there are some things that you just can’t cover up when they’re out.

My favourite bit of the interview is when Espiner repeated asks Key whether or not he thinks it’s okay that Judith Collins leaked the name of an innocent employee in relation to a leak of government information, who subsequently received death threats. It goes something like this?

Espiner: ‘Is it ok?’

Key: ‘and people can see’…

Espiner: ‘Is it ok?’

Key: ‘and people can see’…

Espiner: ‘Is it ok?’

And so on and so forth. Never before have we seen the Prime Minister like this. He sounds worried and he sounds exhausted. The Key Brand has cracked.

And now, with the first dump of information from @whaledump, the twitter profile claiming to be the hacker that released Cameron Slater’s information to Nicky Hager in the first place, another nail has been driven into the National coffin.

Of course Nicky Hager’s claims were real. How could they not have been? Hager is a renowned investigative journalist with a history of airtight research that has damaged governments and brought down leaders. There was no way that he would have let himself publish such an inflammatory book without being 100% certain about the validity of his information. National (and Whale Oil) made their first mistake here, claiming simultaneously that Hager’s evidence was illegally obtained but that he was also lying about everything.

There’s not much that Key can do now really. @whaledump’s first release proved the validity of Hager’s claims – but there must be much more to come, and it must be juicier than this one. More and more information will come out linking Key’s staff and ministers to Cameron Slater and his filthy attack politics. He won’t be able to deny it any more. He won’t be able to stand by his Ministers any more.

At the very least, Judith Collins needs to go. It has become obvious why she did not lose her job over the Oravida scandal, given that she provided such a good system of leaking things to media, but now that’s out in the open her actions cannot be ignored. Even if Key weathers this, Cameron Slater should be done. His use came in that he was able to operate as a tool of the National Government behind the scenes. However, now that everyone knows what he’s done, he’s finished. His information streams will dry up.

Not that it will matter for long. We are now looking at a very real possibility that there will be a Labour led government following the September 20th election. The Reid Research poll last night showed a 2% swing from National to Labour. Small steps at the moment, but remember that this poll was conducted before ‘Dirty Politics’ was released. Over the next few weeks, more @whaledump releases will happen, there will inevitably be some more information coming out from other sources, and more embarrassments to Key and to National. Meanwhile, Labour and Green will be staying on message, flaunting their policies that are designed to help a wide range of New Zealanders. Expect the change in polls to be noticeable.

Finally – this blog has a history of not being a huge fan of mainstream media in New Zealand. When ‘Dirty Politics’ was released, the lukewarm reaction of media to it made us think that this would be no different to the National aiding media tactics of previous events. However, what we have seen in the media today has been fantastic. ‘Dirty Politics’ is dominating headlines, Guyon Espiner has torn strips off John Key, and @whaledump has been seized on and spread across the internet. This is the kind of thing that we should be seeing from our public watchdog.

We look forward to seeing John Key and National finally being held to account for their dirty politics over the last six years.

‘Dirty Politics’ is definitely here to stay.






2 thoughts on “Key Cracks

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I think that most humans could tell that there would be a slant on this blog by the second word in its title. Blogs are largely opinion, so saying that there is a bias is a fairly moot point. Also, the irony of accusing us of bias in a story about the rampant and aggressive attack politics of another blog that directly benefits another party is massively obvious to me.

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