Oravida donates to National??

Short post here. Following last week’s revelations (and our post) about Judith Collins and her Oravida scandal, the National Party has been closely examined for any more signs of cronyism and corruption. When browsing the internet today, I came across this post from the blog ‘Frankly Speaking’. While the post in general is a very good investigation into National Party dealings, the one thing that particularly interested me was a copy of National Party donors from 2011 (image here).

From that image you will be able to very clearly see that Oravida made two donations to National, one of $1,600 and one of $55,000.

Evidently, there is slightly more of a relationship between the National Party in Oravida than simply ‘Judith Collins is a close personal friend of some people in it’. So what was Judith doing at dinner with Oravida officials? Was she trying to get more donations? After all, the aforementioned donations also came in an election year – maybe that is a trend that the National Party would like to see continuing. If so, then what was she promising Oravida and Chinese customs representatives in exchange?

Speculation, sure. But there are more and more connections, donations and meetings coming to light that continue to reveal the rampant cronyism of the National Party.


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