You’re Making Us Look Bad

I’m sorry Chris Trotter, but enough is enough.

I’m referring, of course, to your ludicrously self-importantly-titled ramblings on the Daily Blog Canaries In A Coal Mine: Has The Daily Blog Poll Anticipated Labour’s Collapse? You know, the one where you claim that a self-selected online poll on the Daily Blog among a group of roughly 500 perpetually dissatisfied political junkies over the course of two days registered a huge and clearly significant collapse in Labour’s support, indicating the impending disappearance of that party from the political landscape. Right.

Firstly Chris, in one of your rare moments of genuine insight, you noted that said poll had nothing scientific about it. Good work. However in the same breath, you then claimed that this is exactly the point: the fact that the poll and its conclusions bear no relationship to any actually-existing political reality means that of course your arm-waving, hysterical conclusions must be correct.

Now, Chris, I’m a student of chemistry: a rigorous and empirical discipline where spouting uninformed opinions will quickly earn you well-deserved scorn and a ruined reputation. However, just because you aren’t a scientist doesn’t mean you should expect people to take you seriously when you say things that, frankly, are simply outlandish and lack even a modicum of evidence. No wonder the Left is having trouble making the country believe we’re anything other than fantastical idiots. I don’t know which team you’re think you’re batting for here, Chris, but it certainly isn’t the left-wing one.

Leaving aside the ridiculousness of your quoting of Cameron Slater (of all people) as the authoritative source on the relationships within the Labour caucus, I for one am not simply content to let you and your whimsical fantasies arising from primary-school errors in logic and a comically poor appreciation of statistics go unchecked in political debate. In case you weren’t aware, Labour’s campaign this year will be built upon a sound base of data and quantitative targets, not panicky responses to the disapproval of a couple hundred Green Party activists on your blog site. Sure Labour had a poor week, and some already left-wing people clicked some inconsequential boxes on a website in response. But for you to claim that it means anything other than that is fanciful and frankly, it’s making the Daily Blog, as well as the rest of us, look bad.

Update: I’ve discovered Rob Salmond’s hilarious take on this issue over at Polity. Well worth a read.


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