Does It Even Matter?

Patrick Gower seems to think that he’s stumbled on the story of the century by revealing that Shane Taurima held Labour Party campaign meetings in TVNZ buildings. This is like that time he discovered that Labour had lied to the country because he couldn’t read past page one of the BestStart policy information.

This Shane Taurima story is not particularly important, not particularly relevant. It’s just indicative of the media hate for Labour that has been addressed on this blog and many others multiple times. It seems that Gower hasn’t been able to make up any dirt on the party recently and so he’s resorted to digging up the smallest things that he can find and throwing a total screaming fit about them.

The truth is that this is not an issue. Labour have meetings in buildings owned by various organisations all the time. I’m sure that every other party does too. That does not equate to the support of that organisation for the party. What it means is that an electorate committee or other body within the party needed a room for a meeting, and someone who worked in a place that had room offered that space. If journalist Brook Sabin had his MP father Mike Sabin around to his office for a chat does that count as 3 News giving their support to the National Party? Should Brook Sabin resign? Of course, 3 News doesn’t need to invite an MP over to demonstrate that they’re favouring National, but there is a double standard in place in our media that people like Patrick Gower show us again and again and again, and need to be held accountable for. It’s awfully convenient for Gower too that this story centres around one of the main media competitors to TV3.

So short post here, because this is basically a non-issue. Worry about the important things that are happening this year. Forget about where Labour are having meetings. Worry if there is something more dodgy going on like donations to the party or if TVNZ seem to be favouring one party over another.

Of course, TV3 have been doing this for years, so maybe worry about that too.


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