Is there any way out?

After days of thinking that the President and the House would be able to find another boring compromise to begin another year of boring compromise the government of the United States has managed to astound us yet again with their complete inability to actually govern. And this isn’t going to be like it is in the West Wing. There will be no Obama marching on foot to the Capitol. The two branches of government are going to sit there and posture at each other until one of them gets sick of it and restarts government again. That better be the Republican Party, too. There are polls showing that 49% of Americans blame the GOP for this total disaster. This is on top of other polls, such as over 90% of Americans wanting gun control reforms, which the House ignored, and a decent majority of Americans who said they were sick of the ridiculous bipartisanship emanating from congress – also ignored. I am astounded that politicians, who’s primary job is to serve the people, spend so much time ignoring them, and actively engaging in policies that damage their country and voters.

Sadly, it’s only about 15 politicians who are actively going for these kinds of policies. It’s mostly the rabid right-of-right tea party lunatics, represented by Ted Cruz who has been vocally advocating for a government shutdown. They have somehow managed to drag the rest of the Republican Party with them. These 15 representatives are holding the rest of government to ransom, threatening endless filibusters unless the bill to defund Obamacare is passed. This is clearly demonstrative of the need for filibuster reform, which people like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid keep suggesting, but never actually does.

Cruz also just topped the Republican Party list of preferred presidential candidate, which I think is a very clear pointer as to where the United States’ political problems are coming from. Under President Bush the government never went close to shutdown, and the debt ceiling was raised without any qualms five times. That just shows the kind of childish bipartisanship that these so called advocates for the people actually operate under.

Now, I just mentioned the debt ceiling. You think that a government shutdown is bad news? Compared to the debt ceiling, the shutdown is just a few museums closing. The prospect of the US hitting the debt ceiling, which will happen on October 17th, and the house refusing to raise it is terrifying. If the government does not raise the debt ceilings, America risks defaulting on its loans. This means that the government will have to cut funding to almost everything by about 40%, including Obamacare and defense. Hundreds of millions of dollars would go from the economy overnight and taxes would be raised. There would be massive unemployment and people would lose access to things like pension checks and any kind of healthcare.

I honestly think that the House of Representatives may refuse to raise the debt ceiling. As the events of the day have shown us, they are still able to surprise everyone with their inability to see the common good. The politics of the United States have plummeted to a point of such pettiness, such partisanship and squabbling that it seriously threatens the economic wellbeing of their nation, and in doing so the economic wellbeing of the planet. Fortunately, there are people that believe Obama has the right, under the 14th amendment, to raise the ceiling himself if need be. But that should not be at the point the US is at. They should not need the President to use obscure constitutional passages to keep the nation afloat. They should not be allowing 15 madmen to hold government hostage. They should not allow themselves to be subjected to this kind of bipartisanship. And, for god’s sake, most of all they should stop voting for Republicans.

I wish that there was some specific idea I could offer as to how one might go about fixing this other than filibuster reform and not voting for Republicans  but this time I see no way out. These people, who are running the largest economy in the world, have become so obtuse and so petty that they have undermined their own system, and threatened the nation that they claim to love so dearly. Will we only see any push for reform when the United States finally collapses under the weight of its own idiocy? Only time will tell, but it seems like that time may be coming much sooner than anyone could anticipate.

I was too angry to link to the sources I used as I wrote this, but here they are if people want to fact check or do further research.

Stuff on the debt ceiling

John Boehner being a hypocrite

Information on the shutdown

Obama’s potential 14th amendment opportunities

Ted Cruz’s poll


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