Never Winning

47-29. Ouch. Will Australia ever win the Bledisloe Cup back? Probably. Will they win it this year? Nup. Next year? Maybe. As much as it sucks for the dwindling number of Wallabies fans right now, they could at least take some cold comfort in the fact that the more consecutive times that they lose the Cup the less status it holds in world rugby. Right…?

Well, maybe not. But all I know is that rugby is in danger of becoming irrelevant in Australia outside of rich Sydney private schools, and that would be a shame for us all. More rugby like the first 40 minutes of last night, more contests, and everyone will be happy. If Australia don’t sort it out, nobody wins…

…Which segways neatly into another part of life in which nobody wins: VSM student politics. Whilst I admire those who butt their heads up against hostile universities and incompetent governments in a genuine struggle to retain the things students in New Zealand fought for over the course of a century, I think the fight is, on the whole, futile. The student election season that is upon us takes on a decidedly bleak tone in this era of lease agreements and University-run ‘student’ events.

I think a whole series of posts are necessary to outline the major legislative reform that is needed for student government to take back its historical place in New Zealand’s social landscape (hint: said posts are on their way), but for now it’s enough to say that if you’re a student:

  • Get enthusiastic about your favourite candidates and vote for them in your students’ association election;
  • Immediately throw away any idealistic notions about radical and meaningful reform that said candidate promises;
  • Be prepared to comfort said candidate with generic the-University-is-really-shit rants and one too many glasses of G&T on a Wednesday afternoon when they try foolishly to implement their plans for the glorious return of [insert student union name here], against all the odds.

Oh, and lobby your local MP for new student’s association laws. Sometimes things do get better!


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